Electronic Event Management Solutions for Casino's, Hotels, Resorts, Guest Houses and the Tourist Industry

RiskSolv is a web-based electronic incident reporting solution for casino, hotel hospitality security on the continent. Due to its strict regulatory environment successful Casinos, maybe more so than any other organization, require fast and easy access to the right information at the right time. The casino industry has reports, registers, procedures and other regulatory controls that make it extremely difficult for departments such as surveillance, slots and gaming security to focus on critical activities on a live and proactive basis. The aim with this software is to reduce costs, streamline business processes and to improve customer service and service level agreements between compliance departments in the Casino. RiskSolv delivers a solution that allows Casinos to tap into critical information required to improve legal compliance of not only gaming but also all other legal liabilities and it empowers them to plan and improve on operational efficiencies. RiskSolv helps you to log incidents easier, more consistent and accurate to provide accurate and useful data in a much shorter period of time compared to doing it manually.


·         Improve surveillance, gaming and security efficiency and cooperation

·         Assist in more accurate budgeting 

·         Incident reporting linked to asset register

·         Improved equipment management in surveillance

·         Indicate productivity of surveillance and security staff

·         Near real time incident reporting of incidents to gaming management,  

          executive management and gaming boards

·         Detailed incident summaries and reports with the click of a button.

·         Manage service level agreements

·         Measurement of countermeasure efficiency

·         Track overview of audits inter and intra departmental

·         Log training overview

          amongst others

1. RISKSOLV LT Event Manager

The RISKSOLV Event Manager is a basic risk reporting mechanism and database that allows for logging of events, analysis, correlating, tracking on a re-active basis, and assist in requesting dispatch of contractors or departments to activities that require immediate remedies such as VCR’s, Cameras faults and other regulatory responses.

Event Manager includes additional features like:

1.2.  Incident reporting to fit current business processes and compliance (not real time as with RISKSOLV)

1.2.  Customizable real-time reports for analysis, forecasting, etc

1.3.  Storage of photo/picture with incident

1.4 Charts relavant to reports amongst others



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