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Cost Leadership

Corporations continually demand cost cutting from line managers without providing them with a holistic sustainable resource or skill to never have to cut costs in the first place or ever again by continuously being cost effective. This program was designed to get line managers to become low cost producers and to understand the true holistic meaning of sustainability and how to re engineer their departments as a team, every minute, daily and monthly by utilising the systems approach to thinking, to manage processes and thus preventing structured negative re engineering .   We have designed a program that could solve this age old problem. It include amongst others.

4.1 Cost Leadership programs

4.1.1 Ethical management

4.1.2 Crises management

4.1.3 Disaster management

4.1.4 Health and Safety

4.1.5 Systems analysis

4.1.6 Misconduct investigations

4.1.7 Charging and chairing Hearings

4.1.8 Use of multi media 

4.1.9 Multi-Media in investigations

4.1.10 Reporting mechanism

4.1.11 Surveillance camera room and beyond.

4.1.12 Sanitation risk management.

4.1.13 Cost effective cost centers such as security departments. 

4.2 Management and leadership

4.2.1 Leadership and Supervisory Skills

4.2.2 Leadership skills as part of management as part of HR management

4.2.3 Facilitator’s Course (Train the Trainer)

4.2.4 Human Resource Solutions for the Workplace

4.2.5 Labour Relations 

4.2.6 Managing Skills Auditing

4.2.7 Mentoring and Coaching

4.2.8 Minutes Taking and Writing and Chairing of Meetings

4.2.9 Performance Management (including Chairing of Meetings)

4.2.10 Performance Management for the Government and Municipal Sectors

4.2.11 Presentation and Facilitation Skills (Train the Trainer

4.2.12 Presentation Skills

4.2.13 Public Human Resource Management and Development

4.2.14 Public Policy Making and Analysis

4.2.15 Retaining Human Resources

4.2.16 Secretarial Duties 


RiskCure Pre Enquiry Investigations

(Full day seminar or two day course with exercises)  

R8000 pppd Max 10 persons - your venue 

The Pre enquiry investigations course is updated on a continuous basis and aligned with the labour updates.  Therefore allowing a live and informative knowledge base, for all role-players in the disciplinary enquiry process that aims to reduce the risks of unfair / unconstitutional actions taken by those involved in the investigations process.  

The most important aspect of this course is that it teaches those required by the company to consider all laws from a general management point of view.  (The interaction between Labour, Constitutional, health and safety, Civil, Criminal and other laws that have to be considered during daily decisions to ensure proper corporate governance and minimise the exposure of risk to the stakeholders).  The major benefits of the course is to control losses with regards to incorrect  charging, unnecessary disciplinary enquiries, unfair interview techniques, lack of an investigative process and lengthy investigations that shouldn’t have been initiated in the first place and the destruction of trust in the processes as result thereof, re-instatement, civil liabilities.

It further aims in closing the gap between the risk management / security / loss control functions and the HR / IR functions (a continuous problem since Unionisation in South Africa).  Some of the issues covered:

-  Overview of Criminal Law, Constitution, Health and Safety, Labour Law, Corporate Governance, Sexual Harassment bill, Liquor Law and other relevant legislation from an investigators point of view (how to consider from a non-legal point of view) 

-  The relationship, similarities and differences between Labour Law and Criminal Law in the investigative process (misconduct cases)

-  Initiation, approval, appointment, objective and control of investigations / investigators.

-  Correct process of investigations.

-  Evidence management.

-  Interview process/techniques (not interrogation or process to obtain a confession)!!

-  How to approach a misconduct case that runs parallel with a possible prosecution  (criminal case) vs. right to remain silent.

-  Deciding and consensus on the charge.


-  Surveillance and investigations.

-  Discoverability and the investigation report.

-  How to allow the accused employee to view the evidence and the process to follow.

-  Pre-dismissal disciplinary procedures.

-  Substantive fairness with regards to misconduct dismissals.

-  Opening / closing statements.

-  Intoxication.

-  Negligence/Intention.

-  Truth verification (When, how, pros and cons)

-  In-house vs. external Investigations units.

Who must attend: Charging officers and  Chairman of Disciplinary hearings, Risk / Security management, Surveillance Management, Investigations specialists, Department heads, HR IR professionals. Union officials and representatives, Shop stewards etc.    

The following 2 + 3 done for Financial management, Senior management responsible for Risk Control  Budgeting such as security, risk, loss control, safety management, Auditing etc.2+3 - R8000 per day -your venue


Riskcure Risk Profiling Training

(Various degrees of complexity, ranging from a one hour talks and seminars   for financial management/executive management to a two to three day   course for security management.) 

Especially in a group of Hotels , casinos or lodges risk profilling is a important exercise in the overall cost leadership program. This is the only methodology in arranging risks in order of priority and to measure the cost effectiveness of security expense .It is the most credible way to portray good corporate governance as it links all the risk management processes and allow proper financial preparation. In fact to have a security budget that is not based on a risk profile reflects irresponsible management practice.  

All other risk/security related efficiencies / exposures / priorities are highlighted by a detailed risk profiling exercise and further allow for the only methodology in security goal setting for internal and contract security staff.    Profiling would also be the basis for drafting emergency and crises management plans.


RiskCure emergency planning

"The most advanced emergency management training for the Casino, Hotel or Tourism industry in the Country"

(One hour talks for executive management/one to two day security management courses) 

This material exceeds the boundaries of the normal fire, bomb, terrorist attack and labour action in that attempts to identify all possible crisis’s situations and how to go about minimising those likelihood’s, how to manage them if they do occur and how to recover in the most effective manner. 

This course and the ‘profiling’ course could be combined or completed as modules. 

Naturally certain emergencies within the plan would require specific training due to the complexity and or the potential disastrous consequences. These emergencies would be short courses themselves such as:

Ø  Robbery prevention/handling

Ø  Bomb threat handling

Ø  Theft/Fraud prevention/handling

Ø  First Aid

Ø  Hijacking

Ø  Computer Fraud

Ø  Civil disorder

Ø  Industrial action

Ø  Evacuation drills etc. 

The one to two hour talk to executives would be to guide the executive manager in what standard to dictate to those designing his/her emergency plans and how to ensure a relevant up to date plan that is well known by all concerned.


riskcure safety health and hygiene training

All Industry or tailor made for Tourism industry- If more than than 10 employees from one business unit The unit will be given a completed framework of a total Health and Safety program on CD rom to cut and paste only worth R10000 if purchased on its own.

Health and safety training pitched at all those that are suppose to drive your Compliance plan .executive managers in short one-hour courses/briefs that outline the manager’s, shop stewards, safety representatives, committee members and other role players’ responsibilities. The difference with our course is that we take a proven workable Safety plan and dissect it to be able for all role players to understand where their effort fits in with the master plan.

Various short sessions on specific subjects are available on an ongoing basis.


sanitation risk management

Hygiene standards implementation, coordination and the training of front line staff in how to receive the initial food poisoning incident and training of those that would investigate such reports. 

reporting mechanism training

The need for an effective, efficient and transparent database has always been important but cannot be over emphasised with the new expectancy of “sound corporate governance” by directors and CEO’s. 

The security incident reporting are rarely linked to the monthly financial results, and therefore rarely reported to the stakeholders. The importance of linking the reporting mechanism, the value of a good reporting mechanism for line manager’s supervisors, and the utilisation of the database in the annual security budgeting exercise is all covered in this half day security training or a one hour talk to executives are given to emphasise the importance of this in managing risks on a daily basis.

surveillance security and gaming

Gaming related investigations and scam detection would be industry specific.

multi media security

R3700 ppp day- your venue . Max 20 

Its time Risk control staff especially surveillance and security but also management understand the many uses of multi media in their daily duties.

The use of multi media is the single most underestimated tool for managers in business today. 

Producing a presentation, report, training, investigation summary , conferencing etc. utilizing multi media, is the most professional and efficient way of bringing across a message to the office next door or at the other end of the globe.

All managers, executive managers



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