1. History and making or ways of cost cutting in the past.
2. History of casino industry in Southern Africa. 
History  (mission, vision, goals, values, leadership).
Culture, collective memory, knowledge, politics, habits, emotions and policies in the different phases.
3. Rivalry determinants in competitive environment.
4. Return of expense measurements
5. Operational effectiveness for low cost producers.
6. Quality management for PEP. (People, Equipment and processes.)
7. Measurement of intangible loss events.
8. Reporting mechanisms and data base.
9. Competence and commitment. Measurements
10. Sustainability
11. Budgets with a pulse.
12. Ethics.
13. Systems analysis.
1. Understand and use systemic problem-solving techniques to address simple and complex
2. Understand and apply the principles of systemic planning in order to develop integrated 
    and sustainable short-term and long-term plans.
3. Understand and apply the principles of systems thinking to organisational development.
4. Relationship of organisation with each of its stakeholders is multi-dimensional, i.e. 
    relationship of org with customers has a technical dimension (functionality of product), 
    economic (price), cultural (ethical concerns), political (nature of relationship and power) 
    and ecological dimension (health and environmental concerns) 
14. Correct and sustainable reengineering.
15. Governance in practice for once and for all.